• increase revenue by
    eliminating bypass fraud

    LATRO is more than a test call service; we find fraudsters and eliminate fraud from the network

  • locate & eliminate mobile fraud

    Remove mobile fraud from your network with LATRO’s innovative investigation techniques

  • optimize profits and customer experience

    LATRO’s Margin Assurance optimizes rate plans by ensuring positive margin, no revenue leakage and verification on cost

  • prevent and mitigate network attacks

    LATRO’s Mobile Network Security Audit service will analyze, present and help you understand your network’s security profile


LATRO Services, Inc. is a business solutions company focused on providing services that improve client revenue. With a broad range of expertise, LATRO works with communications service providers around the globe who are looking for world class, cost effective solutions that result in immediate impact to revenue growth and positive customer experience.


LATRO Appoints International Sales Director

Revenue Management & Fraud Prevention Brasil

increase revenue
by eliminating
bypass fraud

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identify & recover lost revenue through root cause reporting

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protect subscriber privacy and confidence

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