LATRO Services, Inc. is a complete solution provider to discover, locate, and eliminate telecom fraud.

Our proprietary technology allows telecommunications operators to identify and locate fraud in networks at a fraction of the time required by any other company. This includes advanced SIM Servers and SIM Box systems, which we can proactively detect even before revenue losses occur. Our solutions work on all GSM, CDMA, UMTS, and LTE wireless and wireline communications networks.

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How Regulators Can Lead The Fight Against International Bypass Fraud

Six Proactive Steps Regulators Can Take to Better Manage the Problem and Protect Their Nations from Huge Revenue Losses & Infrastructure Damage

International Bypass (SIM Box) Fraud costs operators around US$ 6 billion, according to the 2015 CFCA Member Survey

LATRO Services helps operators and regulators tackle this exact problem with its unique technology, products and managed services.

RF Spectrum Monitoring and Management

If you are mobile network operator or a national telecommunications regulator, find out how LATRO can partner with you to implement Spectrum Monitoring and Management capabilities.Read More »

IoT Infrastructure

LATRO provides managed services to service providers in developing and implementing IoT strategies. Our expert team will help design, build, and operate IoT networks to ensure coverage and continuity of your IoT network services.Read More »
SIM Boxes Busted
Bypass Minutes Blocked

Tackle the Bypass Fraud (SIM Box) Problem Today. Contact us for more information.