Geolocation Based Investigations

LATRO offers managed services for the geolocation of fraudulent and unauthorized SIM Server and SIM Box systems. Our team will work with your RAFM staff to develop an end-to-end investigation plan, prioritizing the revenue damaging fraud, and optimizing project resources to deliver maximum results.

No other company has more experience or success in locating the physical position of fraudulent SIM Server and SIM Box equipment within a mobile wireless network than LATRO. While our equipment is developed specifically to deal with the dynamic and fast changing SIM Cards (IMSI) and Devices (IMEI) within today’s advanced SIM Server systems, the RF measurements needed to precisely geolocate an unauthorized or fraudulent device require specialized and highly trained professionals.

Our geolocation managed services team have years of experience and training. As a result, the LATRO team hits the ground running without the weeks of training required for even the most basic RF location equipment. Through our managed services, you will achieve immediate results and significant revenue recovery.

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