Regulatory Enforcement Support

Successful telecommunications regulators derive maximum value from national spectrum resources through effective enforcement strategies. Whether its dealing with fraudulent devices such as SIM Servers or SIM Boxes, rogue transmitters, or emissions from misconfigured systems, regulators that protect their spectrum deliver the revenue and quality of service expected from today’s telecom operators and consumers.

LATRO supports regulators through our RF based managed services. The specialized equipment and personnel required to discover and locate non-compliant or fraudulent wireless systems and devices can be cost prohibitive. Our managed services enable a cost-effective approach to enforcement strategy implementation.

Highly trained and experienced LATRO project teams arrive on-site with the knowledge and tools to deliver immediate results. Often within days, our team closes previously lengthy investigations. Whether your organization is resource limited by budget, people, or know-how, our managed services will help you exceed your enforcement objectives without the delays due to common bottlenecks.

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