RF Spectrum Monitoring and Management

Efficient licensing and use of national spectrum resources are critical to driving the engine of today’s economies. Mobile network operators require reliable service enabled by harmonized and interference-free personal communications frequency bands in order to support the growth of the mobile economy. Financial transactions from bill-pay to on-demand entertainment to online shopping continue to surge as Smartphone users increasingly rely on their mobile device to initiate and manage these services. The emergence of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) will only continue to fuel growth in relevant spectral allocations not to mention the proliferation of wireless connectivity into the core infrastructures of nation states across many other frequency bands.

LATRO partners with national telecommunications regulators to implement Spectrum Monitoring and Management capabilities. Our team of experienced and professional wireless experts will work with the relevant offices within your regulatory organization to identify, evaluate, and recommend a plan for modernizing your systems and toolsets including establishing a baseline capability prepared to support future requirements. We have the experience and practical skills acquired from years of technical project implementation including wireless network builds and management to licensing valuations and business modeling to ensure the knowledge your teams need is infused into the organization.

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