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Verassure Pronto


Could a Revenue Assurance system provide faster reconciliations and be versatile, scalable and extremely cost-effective?

For too long, telecom operators lost millions of dollars in revenue because legacy revenue assurance systems did not have the ability to report reconciliations soon enough. LATRO’s Versassure provides near real-time reconciliations of data sources that help eliminate revenue leakage.

Introducing, Versassure – a premium suite of products and managed RAFM services that help telecom operators and teams achieve the fastest insight into anomalies, trending, and revenue damaging events within the Telecom Enterprise. Versassure Pronto is the premier RAFM system available as part of that suite built with the speed to deliver immediate insight. It is the only enterprise management and analytics system that provides telecom operators the ability to eliminate revenue leakage and provide reconciliations of any data sources in near real-time within the business.

What is Near Real-Time RAFM reporting?
Near Real-Time Reporting is the ability of LATRO’s Versassure RAFM suite to provide Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management reconciliations as soon as the data streams feed the system. Unlike many legacy RAFM tools, Versassure Pronto is built using modern data processing architectures that support massive parallel operations so that the RA team and the greater telecom enterprise gains immediate visibility to trends and alarms in their data feeds and reconciliations. Versassure Pronto is horizontally scalable, meaning it can be customized to meet any Tier 3 to Tier 1 telecom operator business requirements and budget while employing cutting-edge technology for on-the- fly deserialization, in-memory correlation, real- time summarization, real-time KPI visualizations, reports, drill downs, interactive charts, rule managers, case managers, and visual query builders.

For over 10 years, LATRO has pioneered the fastest technology to beat fraud for telecom operators and national regulators. We are leaders in analytics-based applications and integrated data science features that helps operators enhance their existing RAFM and IT investments for data management and governance. These solutions enable carriers, telecom operators, and CSPs to process and store data of any size, shape and speed to perform complex analytics across OSS/ BSS network elements and platforms.

Revenue Assurance Solution from LATRO

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