Test Call Services


Versacall™ enables Mobile Network Operators add one more layer of fraud monitoring using test call services

Fool-proof your anti-fraud process

Our proprietary system, Versalytics™ suite (with Versaprobe™ and Versaradio™) helps telecom operators rapidly detect international bypass fraud. Versacall™ integrates seamlessly with Versalytics™ suite, providing an additional layer of protection and insight to fraudulent and unwanted voice traffic behavior in your network.

Augment other test call campaigns

Use Versacall™ to analyse your existing test call campaigns and improve your anti-fraud infrastructure.

Different from existing test call generators (TCGs)

Versacall™ TCG services are different for every project and is customized specifically, depending on the problem being tackled. It ensures that operators get the best value for money and fraudsters cannot second-guess our methods.

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