Advanced Analytics Solution for Telecom Fraud


Versalytics is an advanced analytics system for discovering and eliminating fraud within wireless and fixed line telecommunications networks. It is built on proprietary technology required for combatting today’s most advanced revenue damaging fraud operations.

Advanced, real-time analytics

In addition to conventional CDR analysis, LATRO’s proprietary technology uses larger data sets to detect fraud before fraud occurrs. Using real-time protocol signaling inputs, bypass fraud is detected from SIM registrations before the first revenue damaging calls.

The fastest detection rate in the industry

Versalytics™ is built with proprietary Protocol Signature™ technology that uses the details found within network signaling links to quickly and proactively differentiate fraudulent SIM Server and SIM Box devices from normal subscribers within the network.

Resistant to advanced fraud methods

Unlike conventional fraud detection systems, Versalytics™ is resistant to advanced fraud methods such as SIM Card Virtualization, Human Behavior Simulation (HBS) and device identity (IMEI) spoofing.

Protocol Signaling Probe Integration

Versalytics™ process real-time protocol signaling data from our Versaprobe™ hardware nodes in order to provide advanced fraud detection. We also integrate with other third party signaling probe and monitoring systems, enabling operators to benefit from their existing infrastructure investments.

Geolocation of fraudulent devices

Versalytics processes geolocation information of suspect SIM Box devices as part of its advanced detection algorithms. In addition, the integrated Google Earth visualization capability provides insight to operators and regulators enforcing legal strategies against bypass devices.

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Other key features

  • Real-time VoIP detection

  • Wide range of protocols and interface support

  • Scalable to big data volume

    Flexible system implementations are available for small to large networks

  • Whitelisting of authorized VoIP calling centers

    Customized exception lists for known and trusted call centers, PCOs, PBXs, and gateway subscribers.

  • Automated blocking of SIM cards

  • Detailed reporting through email or/and FTP

  • Intuitive web interface

  • Integration with existing fraud control tools

    Compatible and complementary with existing fraud management systems (FMS) and test call generation services

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