SIM Box Fraud Visualizer


Many telecom operators implement Bypass Fraud control strategies that are inefficient and not optimized around the source of losses. Versamapper lets you easily visualize the physical locations of SIM Box fraud and their relative revenue loss impacts, so you can take action to beat them.

Easy Visual Tool For Telecom Operators & Regulators

Telecom operators and national regulators can easily visualize losses caused due to international bypass fraud (SIM Box) operations across a geographic region and take quicker action without being affected by changing fraud patterns

Take Quicker Action Against International Bypass Fraud

Versamapper requires no hardware or installation. It enables you to take faster action in beating telecom fraud and frees up your time from looking at numerical logs to understand the fraud problem and source of losses

3 Steps To Visualizing Your SIM Box Fraud Problem

  • Step 1:

    Mobile Operator or Telecom Regulator sends bypass fraud CDRs and Cell Plan to LATRO

  • Step 2:

    Versamapper automatically analyzes data – grouping related detections into individual localized operations with aggregated network density and financial impact metrics

  • Step 3:

    LATRO provides a comprehensive report of fraud operations – including network and financial impact – with actionable recommendations for the Mobile Operator or Telecom Regulator

And did we say it is available for free for a limited time?

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