Protocol Signaling and Packet Network Probe


The Versaprobe family of Mobile Signaling and Packet Network Probe systems is a highly versatile and advanced platform for processing signaling protocols on GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE, and other mobile and packet networks.

Highly versatile and advanced platform

The Versaprobe is hardware-based family of Mobile Signaling and Packet Network Probe systems processes signaling protocols on GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE, and other mobile and packet networks

Variety of line card configurations to support multiple interfaces

Versaprobe is available with different types of card configurations. These configurations support multiple interfaces including radio and core segments.

Real-time protocol decoding engine

Process network signaling at line rate speeds that enables applications for fraud control, revenue assurance, roaming optimization, network quality of service, and security risk profiling

Comprehensive visibility to SIP/RTP and other VOIP protocols

The Versaprobe IP Packet Network Probe provides comprehensive visibility to core interfaces within the network

Proprietary traffic characterization profile

Versaprobe differentiates VOIP flows from individual users against bulk call routing thus allowing operators to protect against valuable revenue losses on their voice networks without disrupting individual subscriber level services.

Suitable for fraud control applications

Versaprobe associates a large set of technical network data to CDR records. This enables an in-depth analysis and advanced detection algorithms. Versaprobe easily integrates with existing FMS or Enterprise data-processing platforms.

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Other key features

  • Wide range of protocol and interface support

  • SIM Box Protocol Signature™ detection

  • Location enhanced CDR generation

  • Complete integration with existing FMS and RA systems

  • Advanced bypass fraud control

  • Illegal VOIP detection and control

  • FMS and RA productivity enhancement

  • Mobile protocol signaling trace capture

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