RF Fraud Investigation Kit


Versaradio™ is the ultimate tool to enforce fraud control policy by geolocating unauthorized SIM Server and SIM Box bypass devices with “Last Mile” pinpoint GPS accuracy.

Optimized for Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and National Telecom Regulators

Versaradio™ VR23 is a portable SIM Box fraud investigation kit optimized for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and National Telecom Regulators. At the core of Versaradio is a software controllable GSM/UMTS type-approved base station configurable to transmit only MNO licensed frequencies with ITU assigned MCC and MNC values.

Empowers fraud investigators to rid the market of illegal SIM Server/SIM Box devices

Empowers fraud investigators to rid the market of illegal SIM Server/SIM Box devices through supporting legal interdiction by regulatory and law enforcement organizations.

Effective way to increase revenue for both the Mobile Network Operator and the national government

Direct action against bypass fraud operations helps in increasing revenue. The Versaradio kit also supports other critical technical investigations  such as validation of roaming agreements, spectrum management/interference, and network performance verification.

Proprietary technology enables the most effective detection

Versaradio can still detect and locate the fraudulent device even when the IMSI and IMEI has changed to a new or unknown value. Enables the fraud investigation team to work effectively against rapidly changing IMSI and IMEI values that are associated with advanced SIM Server systems.

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Other key features

  • No use of phone numbers

    Versaradio uses IMSI and IMEI information to detect and located fraudulent SIM Boxes. Phone numbers are not detected nor logged by the Versaradio.

  • No eavesdropping

    Versaradio has no surveillance capabilities to monitor or display private subscriber information including phone numbers, voice content, SMS content, or data content.

  • No dropped calls

    Only idle mobile devices attempt registration with the Versaradio. Devices in active calls, SMS or data sessions ignore Versaradio and neither drop calls nor experience service quality degradation.

  • No service disruption

    Versaradio scans mobile device IMEI and IMSI identifiers in less than two (2) seconds. Devices that do not match the suspect SIM box criteria instantantly resume service on the host network.

  • Take definitive action

    Stopping fraud due to SIM Server and SIM Box devices and geolocating illegal SIM Server/SIM Box equipment with GPS accuracy.

  • Supports multiple mobile networks

    Operate within all 2G GSM & 3G UMTS mobile networks.

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