In the 2015 CFCA survey, International Bypass Fraud or “SIM Box Fraud” (as it is popularly known) cost the industry close to US$ 6 Billion. Today, telecom operators in almost every country in the world suffer from this fraud. The fraudsters are using more and more sophisticated using high-tech equipment incorporating the latest new features to hide their activities. SIM Box fraud generates important termination revenue losses for Telecom Operators/Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). This fraud also has a negative impact on the call quality and end customers receive calls from unsolicited numbers.

Common problems with the traditional fraud detection methods:

Traditional methods/systems like Test Call Generation, Fraud Management Systems and Call-Detail-Records Analysis offer solutions that may look effective in the short run. But they have two key pitfalls in those methods:

  1. Even though the traditional systems can detect the SIM cards being used by the fraudsters, by the time you block those cards, the fraudster can swap out the SIM cards for new ones in the network. The problem never really gets solved.
  2. By the time telecom operators detect the fraud in the network, they would have already lost money to the fraudsters.

Any solution to the fraud problem should tackle the root problem and the ability to stay one step ahead of the fraudster. In this case, it is the SIM Box (or/and its many operational buddies like the SIM Server, SIM Gateways, SIM Banks etc.) Fraudsters are becoming increasingly innovative and telecom operators should be able to stay one step ahead of the game.

That is where LATRO’s VERSALYTICS Suite stands out from the competition.

VERSALYTICS is an advanced analytics system for discovering and eliminating fraud within wireless and fixed line telecommunications networks. It is built on LATRO’s proprietary technology required for combatting today’s most advanced revenue damaging fraud operations.

VERSALYTICS allows you to not only detect and block the SIM cards used in the fraud operation, it can even help you detect (with pinpoint accuracy) the actual location of the fraud SIM Boxes.

Additionally, the VERSALYTICS system has the built-in intelligence (proprietary technology) to block fraud devices even before a single call is made in the network. This means minimal to no revenue lost due to Interconnect (SIM Box) Bypass Fraud.

Key technologies of the VERSALYTICS Suite:

LATRO’s proprietary technology uses larger data sets to detect fraud before fraud occurs. Using real-time protocol signaling inputs, bypass fraud is detected from SIM registrations before the first revenue damaging calls.

VERSALYTICS is the only fraud detection solution that can detect fraud even before fraud is committed. So, before any calls are made from the fraud devices, we can block them.

The VERSALYTICS suite along with VERSARADIO can help operators and state authorities bust SIM Box operations.

VERSALYTICS uses an advanced combination of multiple technologies including LATRO’s proprietary technologies like Protocol SignatureTM, Pre-Call DetectionTM. Along with traditional test call services and CDR analysis, you get a powerful analytical tool that can have multiple applications including blocking and geolocating SIM Boxes.

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Basic differentiation of the different SIM BOX services available:

  Identify Block Geolocate
Test Call Services (Not out of the box)
CDR Analysis (Not out of the box)

But the above table seems like an unfair comparison for the VERSALYTICS Suite. Let’s compare the features available in VERSALYTICS with the traditional methods.

Bypass Fraud Solution Landscape:

  Test Call Services CDR Analysis Protocol Analysis ™ Pre-Call Detection ™ Geolocation of fraud devices (<10m)
Test Call Vendors
CDR Analysis Systems
FMS Systems

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of fraud can VERSALYTICS Suite detect?

International Bypass Fraud or SIM Box Fraud (On-net, Off-net, International), SMS termination fraud and OTT bypass.

If you are facing a particular fraud problem in your telecom network, please contact us and we can work with you to find a solution.

What is a SIM Box?

SIM Box is a device that interconnects VoIP and GSM/UMTS networks. They are commonly used to terminate calls through multiple SIM cards installed in the device. Fraudsters use it to illegally terminating international voice traffic through local SIM cards in a network.

The SIM Box operator redirects VoIP traffic through the SIM Box which illegally terminates international voice calls onto Operator Mobile Networks. Fraudsters effectively bypass interconnect termination rates to profit from the difference between the higher international termination rates and the lower rates for domestic on-network calls, thus avoiding payment of the official call termination rate of an Mobile Network Operator.

What are SIM Servers and Virtual SIM Cards?

SIM Server systems virtualize SIM cards by reading their embedded credentials like any other mobile device. Virtual SIMs authenticate just like a physical SIM Card using IMSI/TMSI and Authentication Triplets. SIM Servers make and receive Calls and SMS using Virtual SIM Cards, the same as a normal subscriber.

Can I integrate VERSALYTICS Suite with my current Fraud Management System (FMS) system?

Yes. Please contact us for more details.

I have a Test Call Generation campaign running on my network currently. Can I use VERSALYTICS suite?

In fact, you can take your anti-fraud strategy to the next level with VERSALYTICS because our solution can help you stay one step ahead of the fraudsters and you can reduce your losses to the minimum.

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Can I run a trial for VERSALYTICS in my telecom network?

Yes. Please contact us here to setup a demo.

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